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Alpha Chemicals - Manufacturer & trader of industrial chemicals

Gloves & maskAlpha Chemicals is a 100% Australian owned manufacturing, formulating and trading company with a strong background in inorganic chemicals and considerable experience in organometallic compounds and a broad spectrum of formulations.

Our factory, in Sydney, Australia, manufactures a wide range of inorganic and organometallic compounds that are used in many industries and applications, ranging from paint additives, flame retardants and fungicides to anodising additives, concrete stains and plant micronutrients.

Alpha Chemicals can formulate products to meet specific purposes, as well as offering a confidential manufacturing service for customer owned formulations.

We also supply products that we source both locally and overseas. Our experience, expertise and resources allow us to source other products from our international network.

Our staff would welcome the opportunity to provide further information on or assistance with your specific requirements. These may not be included on our website but our experience, facilities and resources enable us to manufacture, formulate or source a wider range of products than mentioned.

Thank you for visiting Alpha Chemicals.

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